Cocoon Graphix

was born in 1993 in a very small shop by Sarkis Melikian. Right out of college and with very little experience printing T-shirts, I was determined to learn and expand the business by first providing quality printing no matter how long it took and offer it at fair price I would be happy to pay for. By becoming the subcontractor to a few independent sales reps in the area, I was able to purchase equipment and slowly achieve the quality printing that we offer now. It is in our blood not to cut corners to achieve the best quality print on a T-shirt. Today our customers consist of contract printing and retail, many colleges and business in the area and everything in between.

A little about our name,

since we are in the SILK screen printing business, natural silk comes from the silk worm which builds a cocoon around it and when it matures, it emerges from the cocoon to become a multi colored butterfly. In our case a multi colored beautiful prints of logos and designs on a T-shirt.